Trends and Unique Decor Makes Your Event Memorable

April 26, 2017 0

In 2017, event planners will be talking about how to set their events apart from everyone else’s events. This is also true for personal event planners, which are the people who are going the DIY route for their events. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate events, bridal shower, special events or holiday office parties, planners can differentiate the event with the party rentals Toronto and theme of the event itself.

Unique Decor
The chairs, tent, tables and dance floor that you rent for a party event company will make your event unique only if you are choosing the ones that haven’t been used at a thousand other weddings and corporate events. You can choose small groupings of chairs around an empty door frame for your photo booth, or decorate with a wall full of picture frames for some Photoshop magic later. Think outside of the box when designing and planning your event.

Rustic or Vintage Tables and Chairs
In 2017, the trend in weddings will be vintage weddings where the couple brings in metallics like gold, copper, brass or antiqued silver or rustic style weddings that are full of a variety of wood types and inspired by barns. This means purchasing the chairs and tables from a party rental company that understands these trends.

Specialty Lighting
Whether it’s a trio of dramatic chandeliers or one large one in the party event space, the decor you choose to rent for your event will make a huge difference in how memorable it is. A string of hanging bulbs from a wooden beam practically screams fantastic Instagram photos. While you may struggle over entertainment and food, you should be making sure that the decor is unique and memorable. If it’s not unique, nobody will remember your event after it’s done.

Luminous Bars
These are a few of the ways in which your event can stand out among other events. Weddings, corporate events and personal parties will benefit from unique party rental decor from a professional event rental company. If you can’t come up with a unique idea on your own, you might visit the company and let them help you make a decision on the theme.

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