The Importance of Instituting an Effective Recycling Program to Manage Waste

May 22, 2017 0

Smaller and larger businesses alike can generate a tremendous amount of waste through daily operations, and you may rely on your local waste management company to effectively remove the waste through a regular pick-up schedule. However, even with regular waste removal service, you may still find that your facility is inundated with trash, and you may be looking for an effective way to handle it. After all, if your facility is burdened by huge piles of waste, you may not be using your space efficiently, and you may also be creating an unnecessary health hazard on your property. Some businesses have invested in a trash compactor with great results, and instituting an effective recycling program can help you to improve in this area as well.

The Items Your Facility Can Recycle
In most commercial environments, a considerable amount of waste that is tossed into a trash can is recyclable. For example, your office may generate paper and plastic waste, and much of this can be recycled. In a manufacturing or warehouse environment, cardboard boxes, metal containers and more may also be recycled. Recycling as much as possible can eliminate the amount of waste your waste management company needs to haul off regularly. However, the issue of containing recyclable waste until it can be removed must then be addressed. After all, just as non-recyclable waste can pile up, recyclable waste can also pile up.

How Compaction Equipment Facilitates an Excellent Recycle Program
Your facility may have invested in a trash compactor to crunch up non-recyclable waste. This essentially consolidates waste so that you use less space storing trash until it can be removed. You can also use compaction equipment to consolidate recyclable waste. For example, all of your cardboard boxes and paper items can be consolidated into a tight bundle through the use of a trash compactor. This way, the waste is more easily handled and takes up less space until it is removed. Essentially, the use of a compactor allows you to maximize the benefits associated with a recycle program while also helping you to use less space to store your waste on-site.

Managing and removing waste is a top concern for many commercial venues. Some businesses simply pile waste up in a back corner until the waste management company arrives, but this can be a health hazard as well as an eyesore. A recycling program can help you to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill, freeing up space in your facility. Compaction equipment can then be used for both recyclable and non-recyclable waste to consolidate the trash to a dense form for easier handling and removal. The resources at Rotoble Compaction are helpful and can provide you with more information.

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