Should You Use Catering Services for a Funeral?

March 15, 2017 0

When you think about using catering services, you may most commonly think about happy special events. For example, a caterer may be hired to prepare food for a dinner party, a birthday celebration or some other type of special event. However, you may currently be planning a funeral service to honor the life of a loved one who has recently passed, and you may be wondering if it is appropriate or helpful to hire a caterer for this type of event.

The Need to Feed Your Guests
A funeral can be a costly event to host, and unfortunately, many people are ill-prepared to deal with the sudden loss of a loved one. However, many guests at a funeral will expect you to serve some type of food at the event. Keep in mind that these events may span across many hours for the service and burial as well as the reception that is commonly held after the funeral. Your guests may easily grow hungry after so much time has passed, and the last thing you may want is for people to leave early in search of food.

Types of Foods You May Serve at a Funeral
While you may need to serve your guests food at a funeral, you may still not be certain that using catering services is the best move to make. Understanding the types of food commonly found at a funeral can help you to better prepare for the event. Deli sandwiches or a full delicatessen spread is one option to consider. This may be combined with a veggie tray, chips and dip, finger desserts and other items. It can take a lot of time, effort and money to prepare this food spread on your own, so a caterer may indeed be useful.

Taking the Stress Out of Your Event
When hosting a funeral service, you may have your mind focused on mourning your loss. Some people may also be concerned about hosting out of town visitors or other factors related to the gathering. Your funeral service may be less stressful when you hire a caterer to handle all of your food and drink needs. Catering services may also include setup, serving guests and clean up. As you search for the right caterer to assist with your funeral service, look for a full-service professional that covers all of the bases for you.

Funerals are often huge events that bring together dozens or even hundreds of people, and they may extend for several hours or longer. Food and drinks are commonly served to guests at these events, and because of this, many people will hire a caterer to assist with the event. If you are preparing to host a funeral, consider learning more about the food options available through catered services. If you would like more information, Greensville Gourmet has additional resources available.

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