Four Ways that Steel Buildings Offer Protection Against Fire

November 8, 2017 0

When it comes to making steel buildings and other structures safe, there are many factors that come into play. Steel is often the material of choice for a prefab garage and other structures because of its availability, affordability, strength and consistent performance. Consider these top four ways that steel garages offer an enhanced level of protection against fire.

1. Steel Is Not Combustible

Steel is not a combustible material. It will not contribute to the ignition of a commercial, industrial or residential structure or prefab garage. Steel buildings also do not contribute to the spread of fires. A fire’s severity or size will be limited because of the presence of steel, even if the steel is not coated or protected by any additional materials. This helps to enhance the safety of firefighters, workers and residents of buildings.

2. Fire Protection Systems Can Be Installed

Steel garages and other structures are highly amenable to the installation of fire protection systems. Concrete and masonry protection systems are common elements of large structures. In medium to small structures made from steel, gypsum board, mineral and ceramic fire boards, mineral and ceramic fire blankets, sprayed fire-resistant materials and intumescent coatings are available. These protection systems have varied effectiveness ratings and can be set up to provide up to four hours of protection, which would be ample time for issues common to Canada, such as prairie fires, forest fires and lightning strikes. If you need additional resources, Future Buildings may be able to offer you more information on their website.

3. Increased Availability of Fire-resistant Coatings

The newly researched fire-resistant coatings are increasingly available and more affordable. When a new structure is built or an existing structure is rehabbed all the way down to the steel framing, the fire-resistant coating can be applied. The application of fire-resistant protection systems helps to ensure that a building meets all current Canadian building safety standards, especially in the wake of increased wild fires in the western provinces.

4. More Thorough Research on Fire-resistant Steel Building Designs

In the 21st century, tragedies such as the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City have inspired a lot of research on how to make steel garages, office buildings, residential buildings and other structures safer in case of a fire. This means that working or living in a steel building that has been constructed recently offers an enhanced level of safety. In addition to adding more fire-resistant material to steel building designs, many new buildings are constructed with more ways of evacuating. More sets of stairs and more fireproofing on the steel beams that support the stairs helps to ensure that people can evacuate and that firefighters can gain access to the place where the fire is located.

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