6 Serious Health Risks of Lead in Drinking Water

January 6, 2018 0

Problematic levels of lead in drinking water have only recently gained the spotlight, but it is an issue that many communities across the globe have experienced for years. Long-term exposure will result in serious health troubles and can even prove fatal. Water treatment systems offering the ability to remove lead are needed. Below are six health problems that result from excess lead in drinking water.

1. Permanent Neurological Damage

Small amounts of lead can build up in the human body and begin to cause problems that may not be immediately recognized. What begins as a slowness in speech, dizziness and headaches can lead to convulsions and mental retardation in young children. Over long periods of time, these problems can lead to permanent brain injury. Water treatment systems designed to remove lead are an important feature to add to your home. For additional insights, you may want to visit Global Hydration to learn more information.

2. Childhood Development Disorders

Children under the age of six are the most vulnerable to the effects of lead. It does not take as much ingested to cause serious problems in learning and basic development. This will manifest in learning disabilities and possibly leave a child non-verbal, or without the ability to communicate.

3. Compromised Immune System

A compromised immune system causes the inability for the body to fight off germs and disease. Eliminating high levels of lead using water purification systems will help boost the immune system back to normal. This will help protect the health of you and your family all year long.

4. Bones, Teeth, and Lead Storage

Lead hides out in the body by gathering in the bones and teeth. This is how it builds over the course of many months and years. This dangerous stash of lead can get released in the blood and directly affect a growing fetus during pregnancy. A baby can be born with severe birth defects and the parents not understand lead exposure was the culprit.

5. Kidney Disease

The kidneys are filters of waste from the blood. Increased levels of lead stress the kidneys. Serious constant exposure can lead to kidney problems and shut down. This can require hospitalization and dialysis.

6. Fatal Lead Poisoning

An accumulation of health problems with lead exposure can tip the scales and become lead poisoning. Convulsions, coma, and death are a possible result. Finding ways to immediately reduce high levels of lead in your drinking water source is critical.

Have your water tested for lead content and add water purification systems that will make it safe to drink. It is an affordable way to stay healthy and hydrated at the same time.

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