4 Tips for Choosing the Best Corner Guards for Your Child’s Safety

December 28, 2017 0

As babies grow into toddlers, their parents often invent many ways to make them safer. Cooing babies become babbling toddlers before the parents know it. They increase in development and are now aware of what is surrounding them. Hundreds of children get injured on a daily basis in accidents that can be easily prevented. To use the furniture corner guards to protect babies from furniture, aluminum and stainless steel equipment in your home.

Safety corner guards are designed to have the baby protected as they learn to walk. Corner guards vary in design, thickness, and structure. For this reason, there is a wide range of different furniture styles that meet their needs. Knowing how to safeguard and what type to choose is the best way to start. Below are the main tips to know before fitting the safety corner guards for the safety of your child.




1. Consider the Sharp Edges
If you get down on the level of the child, you will understand where to commence your safety measure. Understand what they see as well as the sharp edges they come across. The difference between trip and tumble to the emergency room is often imperative. It’s easy to miss the harmful table and door edges that can cause harm to the child. A parent can also realize the lower edge of his desk needs corner cushions to protecting walls from harming their babies.




2. Fitting Age-Appropriate Corner Cushions
After evaluating the furniture hazards, the next thing a good parent should do is to the age-appropriate cushions as well as considering renovations. While children learn to walk, it will be appropriate to fit the cushions right in front of the furniture to absorb the impact when children fall from the seats and coaches. Parents must be agitated to re-evaluate the child safety measures.




3. Evaluate the Furniture
The parent must also evaluate whether the position of the furniture can be broken upon teething or impact. You can either fit these positions with safety cushions or remove them entirely from the surface where children can come across them. You also need a different type of glass cushions because most glass tables are less thicker than the wooden furniture.




4. Your Child’s Allergies
A good parent must also be aware of the children allergies when they are selecting the safety cushion for furniture. Some cushions have blended material with latex that can trigger allergies for some children. Some cushions are also made to function with other types of furniture. Before making a purchase, read the specified instructions and to avoid falling below the safety standards.

The last tip for choosing safety corner cushions for the safety of your baby is to compare your purchasing options. However, you can make numerous trips to many stores and a commercial business to find the best cushion that suits your child’s special needs, such as Boss Corner Guards.

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